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Beyond Contouring: Sculpting Your Look with New Makeup Trends

As makeup trends come and go, it’s your job to keep up with the times. This year, beyond contouring is the new direction, allowing you to take your makeup look to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a subtle or dramatic departure from classic contouring, you’ll be excited to learn about the new makeup trends allowing you to sculpt your look like never before. Read on to find out more!

Makeup trends are constantly evolving, and with summer upon us, it’s time to try something new to spice up your routine. This season, it’s all about natural colors and textures, with a few bold pops of color to freshen up your look and make a statement. Here’s what’s trending:

  • Feathered Eyebrows. Natural, full brows are in, with a hint of feathering to fill out sparse areas. Think Brooke Shield’s classic look from the ‘80s.
  • Luminous, Dewy Skin. The days of dry, matte skin are over. For a subtle glow, opt for a lightweight, hydrating foundation that also gives you ample coverage. If you’re feeling bold, use a highlighter after for a glazed finish.
  • Tinted Lips. Gone are the days of heavy lipstick in sticky hues. Reach for a sheer, balmy formula in colors that naturally widen your mouth. Think nudes, pinks, and deep reds.
  • Statement Eyes. No matter the color, draw attention to your lids with a bold eye. Use a combination of neutral hues as the base (think browns and taupes) and electric blues and greens for the streaks to make a statement.
  • Soft Blush. Swap your pink rouge for a soft peach that looks more natural and youthful. Try a cream blush for a subtle, dewy effect.

Summer is the perfect time to ditch your old look and gravitate towards these beautiful and effortless trends that will add a bit of glamour and fun to your look no matter the occasion.

For best results, use quality tools and materials to ensure you get the look you’re after. Consider investing in a makeup brush set for the face and eyes, and don’t forget to enhance your natural features. Play around and don’t be afraid to take risks with your look this summer.

Use the latest in makeup trends to switch up your style and express yourself!

2. Open the Door to a New Kind of Makeup Artistry

Discovering new ways to express your creative vision through makeup artistry is not easy. From chiaroscuro highlighting to unconventional use of color and texture, bridging the gap between the everyday approach to beauty and an unbridled artistic expression is something that few have mastered.

But with the right resources, inspiration, and techniques, making the jump into the next level of makeup artistry is possible for anyone. To get you started, consider these steps:

  • Learn how to recreate classic looks: Study the makeup application and techniques used by the pros, from classic film and television stars to avant-garde makeup artists. By mastering the basics you can begin to create more intricate looks.
  • Find inspiration: You can learn a lot from looking around at the varied styles and trends from different eras and countries. Take in the colors, textures and techniques used to create diverse looks to spark your creativity.
  • Think outside the box: Once you feel comfortable with foundation and other basics of makeup application, start to experiment with different products and textures to create something new. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, as it’s the only way to uncover new ways of expressing your vision.
  • Communicate with others: Staying in touch with other makeup artists is essential to staying current with advancements in the industry. Collaborating with other artists can also provide insight into different techniques and inspire a new approach to your artistry.

Preparing your makeup bag with supplies that expand your creative options is a great first step. Check out some of the more unconventional makeup products such as new and vintage pigments, False Eyelashes, glitter, mixing mediums and setting sprays to add a touch of artistic flair to every look.

The world of makeup artistry is constantly shifting and expanding, so don’t be afraid to push yourself to explore new creative paths. With a little trial and error, your vision will become something powerful and unique.

3. Discover New Ways of Sculpting Your Face with Beyond Contouring

Go Beyond With Contouring

Contouring can help you create dramatic, eye-catching looks. But sometimes, it isn’t enough to truly sculpt your face the way you want to. That’s where beyond contouring comes in.

  • Highlight Your Best Features
  • Top off Your Look with Shade
  • Layer Colors for a Custom Effect
  • Experiment with Different Tools

Highlighting your best facial features with a light shadow gives you a glamorous look to boost your confidence. Top off the look with some deeper shade around the perimeter of your face, this helps define and enhance the contours of your face. To take it a step further, layering colors can create a custom look that adds even more life to your chiseled face. You can even experiment with different tools, like sponges, to create the perfect rounded contours.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match products to get the ideal color blend. A combination of highlighter, shading and a bit of blush can take your look to a whole new level. In addition, pick a product with staying power. Look for those with all-day coverage, so you don’t have to keep retouching. Keep your face looking smooth and vibrant all day or night.

Beyond contouring is the way to the perfect finish for your look. With the right tools, techniques and products, you’ll have the face you’ve always desired. Plus, you can customize your look to your own face shape, personal style and occasion. Finally, you can be sure to look perfect—every single day.

4. Unlocking Creative Possibilities with Makeup Transformation

Makeup transformation is an art form that unlocks creative possibilities, and adds a unique aspect to our beauty routine. Gone are the days of clashing colours, harsh cosmetics, and the same ol’ look – the modern age of makeup allows us to explore, express, and reinvent ourselves every day.

The Possibilities Are Endless

From impactful statement looks to subtle, glowy day makeup – the possibilities are literally endless. Makeup is a great way to try new things and express yourself – and you don’t have to know everything to reap the benefits. By experimenting and playing around with makeup, you can find looks and techniques that not only suit your personal style, but also your comfort level.

Colourful & Creative

Applying makeup is a great way to be creative; just take a look at some of the works of art on Instagram. There’s no wrong way to express yourself, so let your uniqueness shine. It’s important to play with colours and explore new techniques if you truly want to unlock creative possibilities. With the right products, you can Merge art and craft by using makeup to create amazing looks that you can be proud of.

Tools Of Transformation

Every makeup artist has their own personal collection of essential tools and products. From eyeshadows with a wide range of pigmentation, highlighters for an extra glow, to setting sprays to keep your look in place, invest in the best tools and products to help you unlock your creative potential. With these aids, you can create looks that explore colour combinations, different textures, and artful designs – becoming an artist in your own right.

  • Play with different colours and textures
  • Try different techniques
  • Invest in the right tools and products
  • Explore artful combinations

With a little bit of imagination and confidence, you can invent all kinds of creative makeup transformations that will turn heads. Let your creativity run free and discover the possibilities of makeup!

Are you ready to start sculpting your look to the latest makeup trends? Step up your makeup game by mastering the art of beyond contouring. With so many options out there, you are sure to find something that will work for you. Let your makeup unleash your true beauty and stand out from the crowd!

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